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Hey there, I'm Tommie and I'm making Fell!

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Fell is a furry visual novel about a little guy just trying to figure out how to live and how to be himself, all while navigating mental distress, and a recurring nightmare that ails him.

TW: Fell includes mention and discussion of a lot of emotional and disturbing topics as well as disturbing imagery, so please play at your own discretion/when you think you are able to handle such things. (Blood, mental illness, drug use, self-harm, etc). While I don't think this game deserves an 18+ rating as of right now I would probably say it is for 16+

The story, writing, concept, and world/character designs and voices are by me.

Backgrounds by the lovely Lee Doyle (thank you so much man you're amazing)


Sprites and scenes by Bubblyernie! (You are a lifesaver, my friend, I'm very happy to have you on the team) https://instagram.com/bubblyernie?utm_medium=copy...

Music used from the library of Antti Luode (slightly altered) 

Some inspiration and other concepts by @Charrfie and @Nervigg on Instagram and Twitter (Thank you both so much!!! Especially you Charffie, for pushing me to do this since the beginning, you're a massive inspiration to me and many others!)


I do not have the funds to continue updating the VN on my own! So if you choose to support me on Patreon your funds will directly go to the production of future chapters. If we don't get enough funding per month I'll try my best to cover the difference but that will be really hard for me. So your support is the key to this VN being produced!

P.S. I am also a full-time college student and have obligations outside of this passion project, so if life calls I must answer!

P.P.S. Don't go rooting around in the files first unless you want spoilers.

UPDATE 0.2.1-------

Hey! This is a small update changing a few lines of code within chapter 2. THIS IS NOT A BIG UPDATE: if you have already played chapter 2 and the beginning of route B you do not need to download this.

P.P.P.S. In the event this is the last update, I must say, thank you all for your support and for giving Fell a shot. It truly means the world to me that people were able to enjoy my work to any degree. Thank you for your time :)

Updated 17 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(97 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsFurry, LGBT, Mystery, Narrative, Ren'Py
Average sessionAbout an hour


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For those wondering what choices you must choose to get the secret route, here's the way, SPOILERS, obviously:

This begins when Arrow asks us, Wesley, if we are going to come along him, outside Dewhurst and into the Capitol. This is the timed choices between "I need more time" and "I can't." What you need to do is to NOT choose any of the choices and let the timer run.

Next, you are then given three set of choices after Wesley goes unconscious trying his best to help his bleeding father. You must choose accordingly: "Fine..." when he mentions about his dad's wellbeing to himself, "I don't know." when he asks if all of this was his fault, and "Focus on the past." when he asks how he can fix all of this.

That should do it. An unknown being will then ask us if this was what we wanted and hopes that we can find relief as we then play an imitation of what Wesley's life could have played out with the absence of the mysterious accident, a life that is now well beyond our reach.


Animals with human characteristics is very wierd.

3 months?


i know how you must feel, you like the VN and want to read more of it, but be patient, quality takes time.


i'll wait


stop acting bossy you lil poopy head or im gonna call you a goof ball next time



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And this vn Is absolute quality


I don't wanna become it 2 months

sorry it has now been 2 month


Being a month from the last update!

now shall begin the magic!


i just finished the current version and let me tell you: i'm hooked!


Fell is just wonderful! I just finished Chapter 2, and I can feel the love and passion in every line of this game. What's shown so far is truly heartfelt, intriguing, and riveting at times, definitely something to be proud of!

The art style is also very charming! The sprites themselves have a lot of personality and emotion in them, and sometimes I just stop reading to look at the fantastic backgrounds! 😭 They fit this game perfectly. Happily looking forward to watching this game grow and support how I can. 💕


Thank you for voicing my thoughts. I in love with this VN (my aching heart kinda wants to disagree tho)


Waiting the chapter 3!


Hey! I Have a question. Are updates going to be more rare or frequent?

I was just wondering because of the lack of funds you mentioned in the description. By the way I really loved this vn so far! the story is pleasant to read and also was keeping me on edge later on by how story went :)

you are doing great job! Can't wait for more content!

Have a great day or night :)!


Hey there! Thank you for your comment, my friend :) 

To answer your question I don't really know... I think the next update will take less time than the previous one, which is thanks to the lovely folks supporting Fell on Patreon, but I can't give an exact amount of time yet, unfortunately.

I hope this answers your question and I hope you have a great night/day as well :) 


ok after chapter 2 I must say I'm loving this so far

it's hard to say what I don't like, everything is simple and well made but what caught my attention the most is the art style, it has that unique crayon child book drawing that fascinates me, thinking that you could have easily photoshopped the backgrounds and have overcumbulated character designs like many VNs but instead, you went for a simple and hand drawing look that makes this story feel like something out of a classic Disney book is perfect

the story so far is entertaining, is not boring while not having me on the edge of my sit it is well written and keeps you reading while not feeling like its dragging too much, again we are in chapter 2 so my opinion is still somewhat balance

still, you earn a new Patreon payer


Hey there, Kael.

Thank you so much for your support, and I'm happy you are enjoying Fell.

I'm also very happy that you like the art style of the game, it is something I am very happy with and proud of. My artists are so wonderful and I truly am extremely lucky to work with such talented people. The backgrounds are something I knew I couldn't compromise on, I wanted the world in which Fell takes place in to feel/look like it did in my mind as I had imagined it when I was younger (another huge thank you to Lee Doyle, he is one of the main reasons I was able to do Fell in general). And when I saw the work of Bubblyernie it felt like I had won the lottery because of how well it jived. Please check them out if you can.

Thank you again for your support, my friend, it means the world to me.

I agree completely, the art is really captivating

Just tried it

It can be random to 18 years old

Like the secret route tho..

And wensley...Is cute with mask..

Hope now for an discord server

OMG...Downloading right now..

see later creator

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Hey! Just found this vn from your Twitter page and I thought I might try it out cuz this looks very interesting so I just installed the android version and for some reason, Google Play Protect said this is a virus or an unsafe app. Should I be worried or just a false alarm?

I believe it says that for any app that isn't "Play store official", to my understanding this just means that they can't scan it. 

I personally downloaded it from the page onto my own phone, got the same message and then just hit install anyways and everything was fine (I've gotten this message before when downloading android builds from Itch). If you don't want to trust it anyways I understand.


Ah alright I see but I will still try the vn anyways! Btw your artstyle looks soo cute too!

(1 edit)

Many thanks but I can't take any credit for the art, it was done by my lovely artists that are mentioned in the description of the game! I only did the concept art for the characters and some of the backgrounds (if the concept art interests you then can check it out on my Patreon! *which will also support the artists as well because I use the Patreon money to commission the artists*)


not gonna lie, I thought the face was going to be a dumb look for the protag if every other character is supposed to be normal looking but the idea that the mask hides a secret interested me with the main character. though would have loved it if that was expanded with other characters kind of hinting at or questioning the mask but overall nice story you have going on.


Im in love witht his gameand its characters! The mystery aspect and the writing is really good and i can't wait to see the next chapter!


Wow. It's just wow. Art style is so beautiful and comforting, yet nostalgic. All my playthrough i can't take my eyes from backgrounds and characters sprites. Writing is really good too, i feel every emotion that you describe like it was the real one, like it was heppening with me. Not so much vn's get me this feelings, and im really glad i found this project.  Good job! Dont rush, take your time and do second chapter even more awesome!


Instantly got me hooked, great visual novel, can't wait to see chapter 2 :)


Aw thanks, I'm glad you're looking forward to it! I can't wait for you to be able to play chapter 2 as well!

it will be on android?

Apologies for my late reply, I've still been very busy in my irl life.

As of right now, I do not know when or if an android version will happen. Due to something in the code, whenever I try and port it to make an android version, it has a few decently sized bugs that really need to be fixed.  So if I can figure those out without having to rewrite a lot of code then yeah an android version will definitely happen. 

I will definitely spend a day in the future trying to get it to work!

I will say..i understand your problem because...i don't know anything in making a visual novel or something like that. I Will wait.


Hey friendo, just wanted to let you know that the Android build is now here :)

You are my friend too🙂


I'll be honest, i was quite surprised. This vn is really good and has a huge potential! Yes, there is some strange moments but still it is very good. I like very much. Good job on basically everything in this vn.


I'm in love with the Character design. The story is really promising and got me hooked every second of it. Absolutely loved it! I has a lot of potential to be one of my favourite Vn's!


I don't wanna be one of those people, but with the way you worded the about section, it does leave me kind of curious. When you mentioned that this shouldn't be considered 18+ at the moment, does this mean you eventually intend to increase the rating and add 18+ content? like gore? or NSFW? or anything else that wouldn't be appropriate for younger audiences?

Im 23 myself (not that it's important), but with how well you've done this VN so far, Im just curious what your eventual goal is for the content for this VN.

(and im not gonna lie, I WOULD like to see some NSFW eventually, but i understand not all content creators intend to add that kind of thing)


The main reason I put the game at 16+ is that I know that content like depression, self-harm, substance abuse, blood, etc. (while not all necessarily in CH 1, are all possibilities) can be a lot for some people. But with that said, in this VN I don't think I'll get to a point where it's so heavy that I think a 16 or 17-year-old couldn't handle it and know their limits with having been given a warning. I do however acknowledge that sometimes things shift, and while I do have the outline for the story, I don't have every small detail figured out.

There's a possibility that there will be more graphic (blood/gore) content down the line, as well as the possibility that the aforementioned heavy themes get to be a lot more intense (especially considering they, most namely mental illnesses, are kind of the main topic of fell). If I get to a point where I think that the people reading really really should be in a good place before reading, I will probably make the game 18+ and give even further warning, but I really just don't know at this point if that will happen.

As for the topic of NSFW content, at no point have I ever really considered it as a possibility. So to answer that portion, no I do not currently intend to have NSFW content in Fell.

P.S. I'm glad you enjoyed chapter one, my friend.


I'm not sure what to think, there hasn't yet been anything to establish all of what is going on... I wish for you to continue this, if needed progress can be slow, and above all else do feel free to write out he general script/story before tackling visual assets.  Can't just stop here... must press on... must see that face...


This VN had an absolutely exquisite opening act. Plenty of intrigue and the MC's struggles with attempting to re enter and repair his relationships only to be met with hardships and change he cant deal with is a struggle that resonates with me deeply on a personal and think is a very important thing to be writing about.

In life we dont get just one happy ending. And we must always fight and do our best to obtain it. A little trip and a fall is nothing to be ashamed of no matter how devistating it may feel

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pre patch version

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*Thank you for posting the video! Small note for anyone who wants to watch this, this is the pre patch version.*


Wow, this incredible, good writing, good visuals, and the start scared me a little, since I had not realized that the name of the MC is the same as mine, lol


Really, really good UwU xou capture emotions really well, and immurse us as the MC with little effort :3 The story had me on the egde of my seat at the end, and while I knew xou were going to leave us on a cliff hanger, I didn't want it to end xD I hope xou can get the support this VN clearly deserves. Looking forward to future updates! >_</


Wow. This VN has got me going through a rollercoaster of emotions. There are so many questions that have yet to be answered and hopefully we will find said answers in the future builds. I absolutely love the writing, art, and the characters. I'm also loving the main menu song. I was about to start the game but then heard the music and I just stopped and listened to it for a good minute or two. Overall, this VN has potential and I can't wait for future builds. Keep up the amazing work!